Tilana’s Closet – Our fashion Diva

Tilana’s Closet – Our fashion Diva

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Welcome to Tilana’s Closet!

This is a special feature that I will be putting together on a monthly basis exclusive to the readers of Enspired Woman Magazine. Exciting much!

When I was approached to be a contributor, I felt a sense of responsibility towards our local fashion industry.  I’m hoping to shine the spotlight on amazing women in local fashion and to bring to you our readers the latest seasonal trends.

I’m also looking forward to sharing some of my fashion secrets with you straight from my closet.  You can look forward to learning how to mix and match simple styles to suit your figure, whether you rock the smaller fashion sizes or are a “sdudla” (plus-size) like me.

In our first issue, I will be unpacking some Spring/Summer 2017 styles from 1980’s inspired stripes to trusty florals.  We will also be showcasing must-have accessories and beauty tips to keep you feeling fresh and fabulous this season.

Tilana’s Closet will definitely turn your wardrobe into your new happy place.

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