Fiber to the Home

Fiber to the Home

Fiber to the Home
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Body Corporates, landlords, tenants and owners are usually keen to deal with only 1 supplier to vet and keep the infrastructure to a minimum ensuring that the aesthetics of the complex are not disturbed or impacted in any way and that connectivity equipment remains unobtrusive.

The Fiber to Home or Complex solution is so much better as the cost of Broadband is significantly reduced with a much higher speed of connectivity. There is also little downtime, superb customer support and a quick installation turnaround time.

Upon review if a few service providers we found that you may receive:
• Installation including Wi-Fi router and cabling to the unit
• Uncapped Data
• No shaping, No fair use policy, No throttling
• Guaranteed minimum speeds
• No out of bundle charges
• Option of using our voice service and saving up to 40% on their Telkom bill
• The same infrastructure can be used for an intercom, gate services and for camera solutions

Here’s a few general Q & A’s on the services or preferred supplier can provide:
Q: How can I get fibre to my residents without building my own network?
A: You don’t have to worry about the nitty grittys of the installation. We will install the fibre network to all paying residents of the complex at no cost to the estate or the resident.

Q: Our body corp does not have a lot of money and cannot carry any additional costs?
A: All equipment to transmit, receive and cabling are provided free of charge. We will build the infrastructure at no cost to the Estate.
More so, for every resident that signs up on the network, we will provide 20% of their subscriptions back to the body corp. This is a nice alternative income generation model for the body corp.

Q: Don’t all wired broadband networks use fibre?
A: They use fibre, but not all the way to the home. Generally, the last 300 to 1000 metres from the fibre’s endpoint to the home is copper – coaxial cable in cable networks, plain copper wire in telephone networks. That limits bandwidth, reliability and versatility.

Q: Would installing fiber require that my streets be dug up?
A: Not at all. Our engineers utilise the current conduits which are already available in most complexes. If that’s not available then we run a hybrid system which is made up of Fibre and a Wireless connection.

Q: What type of speeds would we experience with FTTH?
A: Our packages start from 5mbps and goes up to 100mbps.

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