Broadband for Business

Broadband for Business

Broadband for Business
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Business at the Speed of light

The advantages of high-speed broadband for your business?

Internet and more so Superfast broadband has now become a necessity rather than a luxury.

Everybody gets frustrated when the speed of their internet connection suddenly drops – but none more so than business owners. For some entrepreneurs, that frustration is tripled when employees complain they can’t complete tasks; sales can’t go through and projects can’t be completed.

With constant technological advances, a fast, reliable internet connection is crucial for many business functions these days. Businesses rely on broadband not just for email and web browsing but for things like VoIP phone systems, analysing data and social media platforms. According to a recent report, businesses value social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to market their brand and interact with customers.

Businesses need high speed broadband to compete with other businesses on a global scale and expand into areas like e-commerce to drive exports. The advent of broadband has opened avenues for Large and small business to now trade with international investors, however this is becoming more and more challenging with the advancement in technology and broadband not being able to keep up.

Efficiency and motivation among employees could fall with a slow internet connection. This is because tasks take much longer or are not completed at all and thus productivity falls. In this way, higher broadband speeds mean happy employees, quicker turnaround times, faster delivery of services to clients, which ultimately make for a more productive business.

Rural businesses have always been at a disadvantage because of a lack of access to fast broadband. This means expansion and growth are slowed due to sluggish broadband speeds which stop country-based businesses reaching as wide a range of potential customers as their urban counterparts.

If you host your own website, slow broadband speeds may also affect customers looking at your site. How many of us have given up on a website which is taking too long to load? If this happens in the middle of a transaction or stops customers accessing your website at all it could result in losing customers to competitors. Fast broadband speed is crucial for customers so that your products and services can be sold and customer service upheld.


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